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Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership is the skill of enrolling people in your vision/plan and to have them cooperate willingly to achieve results.

Effective leaders know how to influence and motivate their team to positive action. 

‘Developing the Leader in You’ is presented as a series of modules aimed at enhancing leadership skills of executives and managers. The content of each module can be tailored to suit different levels of management and their individual development requirements.

Module Examples

Introduction to Leadership
This foundation module covers the difference between managing and leading, and why both skills are essential for effective management. Leadership assessment questionnaires are used to ascertain development areas.

Lateral Management
This module looks at the importance of getting things done across internal boundaries, setting direction and thinking strategically. Defining a set of roles, processes and measures to ensure that things get done reliably.

Communication Essentials
This module covers skills needed to establish an atmosphere of open communication, handle different communication styles and overcome communication ‘roadblocks’. It also covers how to deal with difficult issues in a timely manner.

Inspiring a Shared Vision & Supporting Change
Leaders communicate their vision in such a way that it inspires their team to engage in it and own it. People need to be involved and be supported as the changes occur.  This module covers the necessary skills to accomplish both.

Developing Performance Goals & Standards
This module covers how to focus on both the needs of the organisation and the needs of the team members. Taking a collaborative approach when establishing goals and gaining up-front agreement on action to be taken.

Remaining Professional Under Pressure
This important module covers essential skills for handling workplace pressureA stressed manger becomes an ineffective manager. Learn problem solving techniques, how to “step outside the box”, regain control, reduce worry, identify personal stress triggers and strategies to minimise the negative effects of stress.

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Training Options


We provide this training as a tailored in-house workshop or as one-on-one coaching and mentoring for management and team leads.