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Innovative Training Services (ITS) has been providing training services to leading New Zealand companies since 1991.

We have clients in most industry sectors; in companies with 1,700 staff to those with just 8 staff, government, multi-nationals, small businesses…

In the interest of privacy and protecting our clients from being bothered by aggressive marketers, we have not included the names of clients on this page.

However, here is a cross section of comments from clients and participants who have used our services. We hold original copies for all comments included in this website.

If you contact us with the view to use our services, we will provide names and contact details for you to email or phone our clients directly for feedback (with their permission, of course).

What a cross section of clients say about us:

“We have certainly seen the benefits of Innovative Training Services unique approach to delivering a well researched and prepared workshop.

The training is leading edge, highly interactive, fun and holds our interest every time. The ideas and concepts are relevant to the workplace and easy to apply.

My people come away from each session motivated and enthusiastic; armed with tools they can apply immediately in their roles.

Individually and as a team, they have all benefited from our original strategy of building on from each topic.”

NZ Manager, Finance sector

“Prior to the seminar Marie researched the organisation thoroughly, discussed objectives that I wished to achieve and prepared a structure for a one day seminar on Effective Leadership. Comments from our managers on the seminar include:

“Marie is a professional facilitator. Knowledgeable, friendly and above all empowers others to achieve more.”

“Good research into our organisation before presentation paid huge dividends in acceptance by managers and enhanced significantly the value of the seminar.

“Extremely effective workshop.”

“There is so much I can relate to and improve my leadership style.”

Northern Regional Manager, Valuations sector

“My entire staff has just finished a training session on personal presentation. I have seldom seen as quick and positive a change after training as I have with this one. The presentation and the follow up after the presentation has given me one of the most value-packed programmes I have ever scheduled for my staff. The question is not if you should use this service. The question is; “What are you waiting for?”

Merchandise Manager, Merchandising sector

“Marie gave a presentation which was motivating and informative.

She has a style which draws from real life experiences which the audience feedback really appreciated.

She took time before hand to find out what we required and the content was exactly what we needed.”

Senior Consultant, Recruitment sector

“We have been delighted with the results and would highly recommend Innovative Training Services courses to other companies and individuals looking for training that gives individual attention and a high degree of professional service to the client.”

Assistant General Manager, Marketing sector

“Marie has provided services to our company with over 500 staff/managers attending. She is an extremely professional, knowledgeable and personable facilitator and the feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Director, Insurance sector

What a cross section of course attendees say about our training style:

“Overall an excellent course. Intensive but extremely worthwhile and the cost of the course will be far outweighed by the benefits of putting into practice.” (Time management course)

Construction Manager, Building & Construction sector

“I was very impressed – the best training and trainer I have ever had on a course. This has made me wake up and showed me how to start developing my career and ways to improve myself.” (Secretary/PA course)

Personal Assistant, Electrical sector

“An excellent course which covers essential topics. Not only informative in dealing with the workplace but also personal life. Course was full on but not at all boring & tiresome like some courses.” (Secretary/PA course)

Executive Assistant, Transport sector

“An excellent course! The tutor was well prepared, very helpful, listened to us and answered our questions. Very good group interaction. The course will help me to improve my work”. (Customer service course)

Office administrator, Law sector

“Excellent – very professional. Today was a great way to identify what my key stressors are, identify what my goals in life are & to take steps to achieve these and to reduce the stressors that are preventing me achieving goals.” (Handling stress & coping with pressure course)

Marketing Projects Manager, Airline sector

“This course was an eye opener on how to communicate when writing. It’s intensive but the information is easy to follow with very good sample letters & emails. I’m going back to work to rewrite our templates!” (Business writing course)

Business Support Executive, Insurance sector

“The material in this course is easy to follow, very insightful both professionally & personally. I can now understand the different working styles of the main people at our head office. Thank you.” (Dealing with difficult people/situations course)

Managing Director, Manufacturing sector

“Course was of extremely good value, very relevant to my role, but also useful to improve communication in everyday life. Highly recommend it.” (Presentation skills course)

Client Loyalty Manager, Insurance sector

“The tutor was excellent! Not the traditional time management course and you wouldn’t want it to be” (Time management course)

Client Manager, Accounting sector

“Marie was very approachable & easy to talk to. It is an awesome course. I will go back to work with new found confidence.” (Receptionist course)

Receptionist, Electrical sector

“Enjoyable & very timely – a nice reminder that all is for a purpose and how I deal with situations is what matters.” (Stress management course)

Supervisor, Transport sector

“An excellent and innovative presentation. Excellent workshop, very good workbook, thoroughly worthwhile and a must for all organisations.” (Professional edge course)

Senior Admin Clerk, Valuations sector

“The course teaches you a great deal of stuff that I had no clue about. It helps you realise new things & shows you how to be more professional.” (Receptionist course)

Receptionist, Motor vehicle sector

“Marie is professional, relaxed & very experienced in training. An excellent course which is worth its weight in gold!” (Presentation skills course)

Project Manager, Electrical sector

“My one-on one-coaching sessions have equipped me with the perfect platform to develop my leadership. Sessions were catered specifically to my needs, and coached in a way that empowered me. Providing me with the confidence to implement strategies, which has seen a significant amount of success across my teams. The ongoing support and coaching outside of the sessions has also kept me accountable and supported throughout my journey.”  

Supervisor with 27 direct reports  - Medical Centre (4 sessions, 1 month apart)