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How to Manage Stress & Get a Work life Balance

Course Overview - Full Day

We live in high pressure, fast changing, disruptive times. People are impacted by all kinds of pressure both in their workplace and their personal lives. Often , it’s hard to separate the two.

There is no formula guaranteeing a stress-free life. However, using stress-management tools and having a work life balance can help to maintain productivity, and minimise the negative impact of stress. This course is designed to develop the skills which will assist you to handle high pressure situations and strengthen your ability to build stress resilience, particularly in the workplace.

Course Structure
Understand Stress

What is ‘stress’, the symptoms, and the difference between positive and negative stress. Identify personal stress triggers and set an action plan for managing them.


Learn principles of effective time management and identify top time wasters. Implement strategies to increase personal productivity, manage workflow and to be more focused.

Remain Professional Under Pressure

How to regain control and perspective when under fire. Focus on ‘Circle of Direct Control’. How to focus on what matters by prioritising and dealing with issues in a timely manner. Learn high-value problem solving techniques and worry control skills.

Work Life Balance

How to get a balance between 5 areas – Work, Relationships, Health, Leisure, and Self-improvement. Determine your values and priorities, what constitutes success in each area.

Build Stress Resilience

What to do to prevent stress, what to do when you are under pressure and what will help you bounce back quickly. Practical, easy-to-apply tools which can be used at any time to minimise the negative impact of ongoing pressure and stress.

2024 Course Dates for Auckland

06 March | 13 June | 05 September


Standard Fee: $650 + GST
Early Bird Fee: $595 + GST

Early Bird Cut Off Dates

06 February | 13 May | 05 August


A full day course, starting at 9.00am and concluding at 4.00pm.


Registered course attendees will be provided with full venue details.

Limited Numbers

Course numbers are limited to 10 participants. Please register early to avoid disappointment.


Highly experienced trainer, a comprehensive manual, ITS Certificate of Achievement, lunch and refreshments.

Training Outcomes

Course Feedback

Marketing Projects Manager
Airline Sector

Excellent – very professional. Today was a great way to identify what my key stressors are, identify what my goals in life are & to take steps to achieve these and to reduce the stressors that are preventing me achieving goals.

Senior Risk Manager
Public Service Sector

This is a comprehensive course and should be promoted more. All parts of it were excellent, providing tools which will be easy to apply in the workplace. The facilitator was friendly, knowledgeable and understanding.

Professional Services

An excellent course. I found it amazing that issues I’ve been carrying for years are so easily pinpointed and aligned with strategies to deal with them.

Senior Manager
Government Services

An excellent course and an excellent investment in time that I will benefit from as well as my work environment.

PA to MD
Aquatics Sector

I learnt so many ways to manage stress and the process for balancing work and personal. Helped my set goals around my values and what’s most important in my life.

Banking Sector

Really opened my eyes, I feel I now get the whole stress thing and have the tools to use in both personal and my work situation. If you only do one course this year, then this is a must for everyone!

Events Advisor
Law Firm

The problem solving and stress prevention strategies will help me to take action to avoid becoming stressed, before it’s too late.

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