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Management / Executive Development

Are there members of your management or executive team who are effective in some aspects of their role but struggle to deliver results and meet targets consistently?

Sometimes people are moved into strategic roles and they aren’t fully prepared for the changes and demands of their new position. We can assist you to identify the roadblocks which are behind the patterns of sub-standard work and provide the tools to create more productive work habits.

We have wide range of modules; each focused on building management capabilities and enhancing leadership skills. For example:

Gap-Analysis – identifies the skills to be developed

Managing Vs Leading – a different skill-set for each and why both are important

Problem Solving – strategies which can be applied to different situations

Self-management – time management for managers

Communication skills – connecting, influencing and persuading

Building team unity – establishing a high level of team cohesion

Lateral management – getting things done across internal boundaries

Mentoring & coaching – developing the team

Get in-touch with us and see what we can do for you. We can answer all you questions and suggest the best training solution to meet your needs.

Training Options


We provide this training as a tailored in-house workshop or as one-on-one coaching and mentoring for management and team leads.