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Stress Management – What to do when you’re under high pressure

Stress Management What To Do When You’re Under High Pressure

We live in fast changing, high pressure, disruptive times. People respond differently to high pressure, stressful periods. There are many factors which come into play – personal circumstances, personality temperament, age, type of work, old habits, health & fitness etc.

How do you build stress resilience and bounce back from high pressure, stressful periods? Check out our earlier blog where we shared tips on Stress Prevention’.

In this blog we look at ‘Stress Management’ – What to do when you’re under high pressure. Here are some strategies and ideas to try:

  1. Function in ‘Day-tight Compartments’.
    Deal with one day at a time. Prioritise your tasks for that day so that you’re dealing with the most important, highest priority first. Let go of yesterday and tomorrow. Put your energy and focus into today and you will be more productive.
  2. Communicate and ask for help in a timely manner.
    Communicate and engage with those around you. Don’t wait until you are in a crisis situation before asking for help. Be assertive and deal with issues before they escalate into major problems.
  3. Focus on what matters.
    Plan your day and stick to it. Don’t be distracted by other people’s dramas or those who say, “Have you got a minute” and then take half an hour. Focus on your goal for that day and don’t sweat the small stuff.
  4. Renew energy stores by taking breaks.
    This is very important during high pressure/stress periods. When we are under pressure we often don’t look after basic energy needs like good nutrition and taking breaks to recharge. Instead we ride the adrenaline wave with endless cups of coffee which keep us wired.
  5. Reduce social media and internet use to what’s vital.
    Limit the distractions. When we’re not coping we often spend time on ‘distractions’ just because we feel too overwhelmed by the task ahead. This of course is counter-productive, but logic doesn’t enter here. If it helps, engage someone you trust to make you accountable for what you achieve each day.

Our ‘How to Manage Stress & Get a Work Life Balance’ course provides step-by-step strategies for managing stress and pressure. The life-skills in this course are designed to support you as you deal with the complexities and pressures of a fast-changing world. It’s a course everyone can benefit from.  See our short courses for more information.