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Moving Beyond Self-Sabotage

Moving Beyond Self Sabotage

The New Year kicks in and we get all fired up and motivated – we are going to make changes at work and in our personal life; we set goals, we make plans, we make lists…

The intentions are there but somehow as the weeks and months pass our motivation wanes and slowly self-sabotage patterns move into our daily routine.

Have a look at the following list and ask yourself, “How many of these apply to me?”

Ten ways by which I may limit myself:

1. Self put-downs.  

Engaging in negative self-talk – “I can’t do that, I never get it right, what’s the point in trying, I knew I wouldn’t get that deal etc…”

2. Out-of-date mindset and internal mind-map.

Focusing too much on past experiences & set-backs and playing the same old record over and over again.

3. Staying in the box.

Fear of failure or rocking the boat keeps me staying within my comfort zone. Conformist thinking is an entrenched pattern.

4. Ridged and fixed patterns.

Staying stuck by not willing to change or be open to change – “This is how I am” or “This is how I have always done it.”

5. Having a victim mentality.

Refusing to accept responsibility or refusing to accept that I have created my life – it’s always someone else’s fault (my boss, wife, teacher, parent, government etc…) that my life isn’t how I want it. 

6. Lacking perseverance.

Giving up on my goals/ideas/plans as soon as obstacles or challenges appear.

7. Procrastinating.

Falling into the avoidance trap, “Maybe I’ll start on that tomorrow…next week…next month…”  Fear of failure or conflict.

8. Having no vision, purpose or plan for my life.  

Acting like a rudderless ship by not taking control of my life, willing to take what life dishes out and settling for less than my potential.

9. Making poor choices.

Every moment of every day I choose who I mix with, how I spend my time, whether I indulge in junk food, exercise my mind and body, whether I am anesthetised by hours of TV etc…  

10. Failure to forgive myself or others.

Not living in the present. Wasting time and energy by allowing the past to dominate the present, holding onto past hurts and beating myself up.

How many of the above apply to you?  Are you going to allow your self-limiting beliefs and self-imposed constraints to keep you stuck or are you going to do some “mental house cleaning” and seriously challenge habits and patterns which are keeping you from being yourself at your very best? 

Every moment, of every day you make choices (what you think, how you will spend your time, how you will treat other people, what you will eat, watch and listen to etc) and the choices you make today, will impact on the quality of your life in future weeks, months, years.

Take action today!! Make things happen! Get out of auto-pilot and regain control over your self-sabotage patterns. Start to live consciously – be present in the moment and be aware of the choices you make with everything you do!

What do you do to help yourself achieve your goals?

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