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Providing great service

Providing Great Service

Everyone appreciates great service, here’s just one tip from many in our upcoming course that can make all the difference…  

Answer the phone promptly and put energy into your voice so you sound alert and ready to assist. The phone is a vital part of every business yet when we answer a call, we give very little thought to the impressions we may be giving customers. People form impressions and perceptions, both positive and negative, based on what they hear (tone of voice, pace, pitch and words). 

Your voice tells the customer so much about you. 

It is the all-important delivery system for your words, thoughts and attitude. Give the caller your full attention, ensure your tone and words convey they are dealing with someone who is professional and ready to assist them.

See our short courses for more information.

Now a frustrated customer has access to the world wide web to vent their disappointment in your company and potentially reach more of your customers and future prospects.

I will outline the process we teach in our Reception and Customer Service course.