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How “Value-added Service” Creates an Exceptional Customer Service Experience

How Value Added Service Creates An Exceptional Customer Service Experience

Have you recently had an exceptional customer service experience?

In a time when busyness is a way of life, if you can capture your customer’s attention through a simple “act of thoughtfulness” you will create a lasting, positive impression.

A few weeks ago I was working on a team building exercise and I needed a square Lego base. I phoned Toy World to ask if they had one. The person who answered the phone said “I’m sorry we don’t have any in our store, but let me look in the computer and see if one of our other stores can help you”. 

She then proceeded to tell me that St Lukes store had 4 bases in stock. I was delighted because I was in a hurry and this saved me time – I didn’t have to phone other stores, and I could go to St Lukes directly. Good on you Toy World!

What is Value-added service?

Service which creates a “wow” moment for the customer, yet costs the company nothing or very little in monetary terms.

Cosmetic companies do this very well by giving free mini-samples with product purchases. Some large homeware stores have a person at the entry foyer handing out store-maps to help their customers navigate through the mega store. Another example is bakeries – they often provide tasting samples or give you an extra roll/pastry with your purchase.

Why create a valued-added service culture, in your business?

  • It gives you a competitive advantage. It creates a memorable customer experience.
  • It builds goodwill between you and your customers.
  • It creates an upbeat atmosphere in your business.
  • You create customer loyalty and retention.
  • Your customers become ambassadors for your business.

How can you create value-added service?

If you are a professional firm, you could email your clients with articles or even internet links to information that pertains directly to their business. Think about how could you save them time or money.

If your business provides products or services, think about how your team can create memorable moments, when dealing with customers, on the phone or face-to-face.

Have everyone in your business working on ideas for creating value-added service, action those ideas and reap the positive benefits. It may cost you very little, yet those “wow” moments will create lasting impressions on your customers.

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